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  Dubai Civil Defence Introduces Unique Fire Fighting HUMMER H2
Publicado - Published: 20/05/2007

DUBAI.- Dubai Civil Defence has developed a truly unique fire fighting HUMMER H2 as it responds to the ever changing emergency service needs of the growing Emirate of Dubai.

A group of specialists and technical engineers at the Dubai Civil Defense have invested a considerable amount of time in research and development to customize the unique HUMMER H2 and introduce it as a fire fighting vehicle.

“We are extremely excited to be introducing the first customized H2 fire fighting vehicle to the Middle East, said xx, xx, Dubai Civil Defence. “It will bring uncompromising power, incredible performance and unrivalled fire fighting capabilities to our fleet. It is quite surprisingly like Nothing Else.”

The HUMMER H2 includes a high tech communication system with operations and field staff, monitoring cameras, run flat tires, high pressure water and foam fire fighting system, in addition to a powerful engine that was designed with a self fire fighting mechanism to ensure continuous operation under extreme conditions.

In addition to the HUMMER, Dubai Civil Defence has also added further Chevrolet Tahoes to its fleet. The all new 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe incorporates features such as a new, fully boxed frame, coil-over-shock front suspension, rack-and-pinion steering and an all-new, premium interior system that bolsters the vehicle’s comfort, quality and capability making it the best choice for Dubai Civil Defense to go over and beyond expectations.

“We already have a number of Chevrolet vehicles in our fleet. These heavy duty vehicles were produced and equipped to suit our needs and have proved to be reliable, powerful and easy to maintain,” concluded xxx.

“We are delighted to partner with Dubai Civil Defence and to be able to help them perform their duties,” said Mervat Al Wakeel, Area Sales Manager at General Motors, UAE and Qatar. “This partnership is of significant importance to us and a testament to our ongoing commitment to support the community we operate in.”

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