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Página oficial de José Musse, el bombero más leído y comentado en español.

Análisis de incidentes y criticas a la respuesta a emergencias desarrollado desde 1997 por José Musse



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  Firefighters Continue to Battle Major Wildfires
Publicado - Published: 18/05/2007

IOWA.- Rain expected today should help firefighters tamp down flames that have continued to pop up from a huge fire in southern New Jersey.

The fire started Tuesday on an Air National Guard gunnery range, apparently when a fighter jet dropped a flare. It spread over nearly 22 square miles, destroyed or damaged 18 homes but caused only two minor injuries. Most of the 2,500 evacuated families have been allowed to go home.

The military has agreed to pay for the damage if an investigation shows that the flare was what started it.

Wind and rising temperatures this weekend could hamper efforts to control a wildfire that now spans more than 500 square miles along the Florida-Georgia state line. Calmer conditions earlier in the week helped firefighters strengthen containment lines. Hundreds of homes have been evacuated there.

Two days of cool, wet weather are helping efforts to control a 117-square-mile wildfire along the border between Minnesota and Canada. Some evacuees have been allowed back in to check on their homes.

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