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  Three More West Nile Victims
Publicado - Published: 03/10/2007

BOONE COUNTY (Sarah Hollenbeck).- The health department announces Tuesday that three victims have recently come in contact with West Nile.

These three bring the total for the county up to eight and the state total to 48.

This is four more cases than at this time last year.

The new cases in Boone County were from two separate parts of Columbia; one in the central city near Providence and Sexton, and the other on Stadium and West Worley.

The health department says victims included two 60-year-old men and one 45-year-old man.

All are doing well.

The health department sprayed in the areas of the bites on Tuesday morning.

According to the health department, weather conditions last year and birds which are no longer immune to the disease are two reasons why West Nile has been more prominent this year.


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